Cameron Mitchell Restaurant

Happy Hour Menu

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Available in our bar only. Monday – Friday | 4 – 6:30 PM


Handcrafted Cocktails 6
From our specialty list

Well Liquors 5
Add $1 for rocks and martini pours

Selected wines by the glass 5
Domestic Beers 3
Drafts 3.5


Blue cheese potato chips 5
Warm pretzel & cheese 5
Pepperoni Flatbread 6
Hot and sour calamari 6
Smoked salmon spread 7
Tamarind glazed chicken wings 7
Old bay shrimp cocktail 7


Margarita 8.99
El Jimador Tequila, fresh line, Cointreau, Grand Marnier

Bourbon & Water 8.99
Old Forester Bourbon, grapefruit infusion, fresh lemon

Southside 9.99
Ford’s Gin, blueberry, mint, citrus

Vodka Collins 8.99
Watershed Vodka, rosemary, citrus, club soda

Manhattan 9.99
Gorge Dickel Rye, strawberry preserve infused sweet vermouth, bitters

Rum Runner 9.99
blackberry-infused Mount Gay Silver, Fresh pineapple, orange and grenadine

Coconut Almond Milkshake 9.99
cocoa, vanilla, coconut, almond-infused vodka and ice cream

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