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Blood Orange Bellini | 8.49
Absolut Apeach, blood orange puree, fresh lime juice, Poema Cava

Mimosa | 7.99
Cava sparkling wine, hand squeezed fresh orange juice

Chipotle Bloody Mary | 7.99
Absolut Peppar vodka, spiced tomato juice, peppered rim


Blue Cheese Potato Chips | 10.99
“a Cap City original,” blue cheese, chives and Alfredo sauce.

Warm Pretzel & Cheese | 9.49
 beer cheese fondue, honey mustard

Hot and Sour Calamari | 13.49
crispy fried, tossed with red peppers, snap peas, carrots, broccoli, scallions, and sesame seeds

Old Bay Shrimp Cocktail | 13.79
with housemade cocktail and louie sauces

Tamarind Glazed Chicken Wings |12.99
one pound, celery sticks, blue cheese


Soup of the day … cup|$5.79 … bowl|$6.99
Roasted Creole Tomato … cup|$5.79 … bowl|$6.99


Soup and Salad | 10.99
choose your diner salad and add a cup of soup

Cap City Trio | 12.49
half of a house made chicken salad sandwich, your choice of a cup of soup and a diner salad

Diner Salads
Mixed Greens • Blue Cheese Salad • Greek Salad • Lemon Caesar • Two Apple Spinach Salad • Wedge of Iceberg 

Soup of the Day • Roasted Creole Tomato


Mixed Greens | 8.29
with grape tomatoes, carrots, red onion, garlic croutons and cheddar cheese tossed in our house vinaigrette

Wedge of Iceberg | 8.49
crisp bacon, grape tomatoes,  red onion and bleu cheese dressing 

Lemon Caesar | 8.49
our classic caesar with parmesan cheese and garlic croutons

Blue Cheese Salad |  8.49
crisp greens tossed with blue cheese dressing,  grape tomatoes, bacon, red onion, marble rye croutons and more blue cheese crumbles

Two Apple Spinach Salad | 8.99
crisp bacon, cheddar cheese, candied pecans,  red onion, grape tomatoes and  sherry mustard vinaigrette

BBQ Chopped Salad | 14.99
crisp tortillas, BBQ chicken, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, corn,  red onions and creamy cilantro ranch dressing

Chicken Milanese Caesar | 15.49
crispy chicken served with our classic caesar,  parmesan cheese and garlic croutons

Roasted Chicken Greek Salad | 13.49
Feta cheese, grape tomatoes, cucumbers,  red onions, Kalamata olives, peperoncini, and a balsamic vinaigrette

Black and Blue Salmon Salad | 16.99
 blackened salmon, mixed greens tossed with blue cheese dressing, grape tomatoes, bacon, red onion, marble rye croutons and more blue cheese crumbles


Eggs on Hash | 11.49
two fried eggs on short rib hash with green bell pepper, caramelized onion, and Vermont white cheddar

French Toast | 12.99
seasonal berries, lemon curd, candied bacon, warm maple syrup

Spinach Quiche | 11.29
asiago, farm fresh eggs, spinach, served with fresh  fruit and mixed greens with cucumber, tomato, red onion and feta with balsamic vinaigrette

Smoked Salmon & Bagel | 14.99
whipped cream cheese, everything bagel, sliced tomatoes,  mixed greens, red onion, capers, and deviled egg

Four Egg Omelet | 12.49
rosemary ham, cheddar cheese, tomato,  with breakfast potatoes, buttermilk toast, fresh strawberries

Classic Eggs Benedict | 12.99
poached eggs over thick-cut rosemary ham,  toasted English muffin, scallion hollandaise, home-fried red potatoes

Breakfast Burrito | 12.49
flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, chorizo, poblano peppers and cheddar cheese. Topped with Ranchero sauce and cilantro

“Diner” Steak & Eggs | 17.99
 beef tenderloin cooked to your liking with two eggs, home-fried red potatoes and Texas toast


served with choice of fresh fruit, diner slaw, cottage cheese, very wild rice salad or French fries

All American Cheeseburger | 12.99
our old-fashioned griddled cheeseburger* with LTO,  pickles, mayo on a sesame seed bun. Choice of cheddar, swiss, bleu cheese or no cheese if you please

Triple Decker Grilled Cheese | 10.99
 fried egg, scallions, tomato and dijonaise on country white toast

Jake’s Famous Reuben | 13.99
house made pulled corned beef, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1000 Island on marble rye

Philly Cheese Steak | 13.99
shaved prime rib, melted white cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms, onions and peppers on a fresh hoagie

Diner Meatloaf Melt | 12.99
muenster cheese, LTO, BBQ, and mayo

Fried Fish Sandwich | 13.29
 beer battered fish, cheddar, pickle, LTO with a sweet pickle tartar

Baked Italian Chicken Sub | 12.99
crispy chicken breast, marinara, salami, and mozzarella, with shredded iceberg, red onion, tomato, banana peppers, and Italian dressing

Cap City Club | 12.99
turkey, rosemary ham, crispy bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, mayo 


Cap City Diner Meatloaf | 14.99
buttermilk-chive mashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, broccoli, chili onion rings and BBQ gravy

Spicy Chicken Rigatoni | 17.99
mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, poblano peppers and roasted red pepper cream sauce

Pecan Crusted Pork Chop | 16.99
cheddar-chipotle mashed potatoes,  candied pecans, spinach, shallots, and an apple cider glaze

Southern Fried Chicken | 18.49
skillet beans, pecans, honey, buttermilk mashed potatoes, pan gravy

Ponzu Glazed Salmon | 22.99
sticky rice, stir-fried vegetables and pineapple ginger sauce

Balsamic Chicken | 15.99
pan-seared chicken breast, chive mashed potatoes,  sautéed spinach, roasted red peppers, caramelized mushrooms and onions, lemon chicken jus

Crispy Fish and Chips | 17.99
beer battered fish served with diner slaw, sweet pickle remoulade, French fries

Romano Crusted Chicken | 15.79
crispy fried chicken, garlic buttered noodles, roasted tomato cream sauce

Seasonal Vegetable Plate | 14.99
wild rice salad, portabella mushroom, almonds,  roasted vegetables, chipotle hummus, warm pita bread

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